Who we are

a group of us Went camping up at Keoka beach campground in southwaterford Maine one year.  a buddy brought a cheap set of baggo boards, and a couple of my friends fell on them and i told my buddy i would build him a set to replace them.  i went online, got all the info on dimensions and what not,  and started building with my dad.  afterwards i ordered some bags and brought them over to the lafayette club in taunton, ma on a thursday night (bike night/prime rib night).  we started playing, and since that night we've been hooked.  slowly but surely word of mouth spread and we have met a lot of great people in the cornhole world, and a lot of them we consider family now.  This game has grown so much, and our goal is to show others how big this game has become and how much fun it is.

We 0ffer custom boards.  you give us the design/logo/idea and we'll do our best to make it happen.  our boards are built to regulation, and  Everyone has their style but ours are one of a kind.  we also run tournaments.  so if you're looking for a way to raise money for a charity or a fundraiser, we'd be more than happy to hold a cornhole tournament.   we will provide boards, bags, score towers, and we will run a tournament that will go along with the time allotted.  not only that, but we will do some heavy recruiting/promoting in the cornhole community to spike the interest and attendance in your event.  please feel free to contact us if you are interested, or have any questions!

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