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last man standing

everyone starts off with 8 bags.  sometimes we start off with however many people are playing but limit amount of bags at 8.  One at a time or if there's more than one board, someone throws a bag until they get one in the hole.  if they don't get a bag in, they are eliminated from the competition.  once everyone has had a turn, a bag is taken away and now there's 7.  after every round a bag is taken away until there is either 1 person that got it in or if there's only 1 bag left.  if there's more than 1 person that got it in with 1 bag left, then they continue to throw that 1 bag until there is the "last man standing".  that person wins the whole pot. 

money shot

(this is how we run it everywhere is different)

money shot is held on the skinny boardsthe boards are only a foot wide, but same length as regular boards and the hole is in the same location.  Raffle tickets are bought at the bar during the tournament.  just before the final match there's a last call to buy tickets.  then the bartender pulls the winning ticket or chooses someone at random to pull the ticket.  whoever the lucky ticket holder is gets their chance to throw 4 bags at the skinny boards.  each bag in the hole represents 25% of the pot.  if the person doesn't sink any bags, the pot goes to the following week.  so for instance one week the pot was $1,000, the ticket winner got 2 bags in.  so they got $500 and the other $500 went to next week.  only way to win is by showing up and getting a ticket!

ticket pricing

$1 per ticket


boards are 4 feet long, 2 feet wide.  front of the board is 3" high, and the back is 12" off the ground.  The center of the hole is measured 9" from the back of the board, and the hole is 6" in diameter. the boards are placed 27' apart from the front of each board, or 33' from hole to hole.

Bags are 6" square and weigh approximately 1lb.bags can either be filled with corn and mash, or with plastic resin (play in the rain).  bags can also be dual sided meaning one side is sticky which is the suede side.  the other side is slickwhich is cotton twill or duck cloth.  the dual sided bags are what is used in the big tournaments.

there's a pitching box, the box is from the front of the board to the back of the board and 3' over so it's a 3' x 4' box.  if someone's foot goes over the line you can call a foul or give them a warning.  in big tournaments this would result in a loss of bag.  you also lose your bag if you throw out of turn (but we usually give it back we're more about having fun).

when playing either 1 on 1 or 2 on 2, each person stands on 1 side of the board.  if playing with a partner your partner must stand directly across from you, if 1 on 1 you would walk down and throw where your partner would if you were playing teams.  so if the board is on your right, your partner should be standing with the board on their left.  when throwing the bags, you alternate throws until all 8 bags have been thrown.  whoever scored last, that team throws first.


in the hole is 3

on the board is 1

points cancel out

(so red has 2 in the hole that's 6 points and blue has 4 on the boardthat's 4 points, red scores 2 points.

Play to 21 no win by 2, and it doesn't have to be exactly 21.